Want to PREVENT it from making you sick?


Want to be HAPPY no matter what


stress you face?


STRESS TO JOY can show you how.




By Dr. Rozina Lakhani 

"Stop suffering! Decrease Stress! Enjoy life! Be the best you can be!"

"This book is amazing, all the stories, and the examples are great. Especially the comparison between milk and water made me cry. I feel that you wrote this book for me, examples and techniques seem simple to follow."

~ S.H.

What problems can it solve?

Stress can cause you to feel irritable, overwhelmed, and worried and anxious. Stress may affect your sleep or eating patterns. When not addressed, it can lead to many body and mind illness


Stress to Joy is a road-map for overcoming situations that life throws at you, learning to manage your responses and to develop simple and practical habits.  Using the exercises in this program, you will be able to neutralize the stressors that plague your life and to become more empowered to create more joy in all you do.

How would it help?

Using stories of regular people, it teaches simple and practical techniques you can implement in your busy life.


You can walk along with Sam as she learned to overcome her stress of long commute to work which was leading to skin problems.

Learn with Natasha how she overcame her frustration with a coworker leading to pains in her body and irritability with her family.  

Tag along with Rene as she overcame the stress of her business demands that were leading to overeating and sleep problems.  


You will hear these and many other personal and client stories from 20 years of my psychiatry practice, delineating exact techniques that work in practical life so you can also minimize your stress and maximize your joy.


You will benefit from the thousands of hours I have spent working 1-on-1 with patients to help them overcome serious situations so that you can get a jumpstart from wherever you're at when reading this book.

Amazing features

You will love the easy-to-read format, the guided processes and the step-by-step exercises that are all included in the book. 

PLUS, you will receive


Immediate access to the online resource area packed with downloadable worksheets and audio guides

Group Coaching

FREE access to one of the group coaching call,

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The #1 Bestseller - Stress to Joy: 
Your Toolkit to Restore Peace of Mind in Minute

I took the best strategies and processes I've used to transform thousands of clients and distilled them into this book.  This easy-to-follow blueprint will help you create lasting change. 

Not only will you benefit from learning the strategies I take my 1-on-1 clients through, you'll also:

  • Achieve greater peace of mind, relaxation in your body and decrease the effects of stress on your overall well-being. This all leads to an increase in beneficial body chemistry, mental clarity and joy in your life.

  • Learn the exact techniques that I use to help hundreds of clients in my clinic so that you can overcome a racing mind, insomnia, overwhelming to-do lists, feeling out of control in your life, change negative thoughts into empowering ones and learn how you can meditate anywhere with her simple guided audios that are included as a gift within the book. (follow the link found inside the book).

  • Follow the carefully guided processes that I use in my practice for 20+ years.

    Who it is for?

    STJ can be used by anyone interested in building their resilience and happiness to prevent devastating effects of stress and transform their stress to opportunity for growth. It is especially meant for

    • Busy Professionals

    • Managers and Executives

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Parents

    • General healthy adults (25- 65 yrs)

    What People Are Saying About 

    "Stress to Joy"


    “This is not just an impressive book, it is a spectacular one ... It can only be described as a carefully crafted, step by step guide, with everyday examples, to help the reader relate and apply simple techniques to cross the bridge from stress to joy.

     A simple recipe to transform (stressful) life by inculcating small shifts in perspective that bring huge rewards! I recommend this book to anyone who has room for joy in their life.”


    Nadia Huda

    Fun, light, humorous

    “You have made your message fun. Your writing is light, humorous, and very real. It was an easy read, and full of practical and useful tips and tools for making life changes. I so appreciated your willingness to be vulnerable by sharing your very personal stories." 


    Gloria Harrison

    I love it

    “I  love this book! I started reading it and cannot put it down, except it is so profound that I need to take time to absorb and reflect on the content.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the meaning of our behaviors and beliefs and those who want to change them in order to live a fulfilling life.l.”


    Deborah F

    What is inside STJ Book?

    • An effective tool to assess and shift your feelings from negative to positive by increasing the balance in your Emotional coping account. ~ pg. 17

    • Your logic may question affirmations and visualizations. They are powerful techniques to increase your chances of achieving any goal. Learn how do you harness that power without objection from your logical mind. ~ pg.22

    • You may have heard about mindfulness, but do you have a clear understanding of how to apply it. Learn what it is and is not and how to apply~pg. 37

    • Do you get stressed while driving? Learn a simple way to make driving less stressful and more enjoyable. Turn it into a meditation. ~ pg. 43

    • Feel good by getting rid of mental garbage with this simple writingtechnique. ~pg. 77

    • You may not have time to sit for long meditation. Learn a powerful meditation that you can do in a minute while going from one activity to other. pg.47

    • unique writing technique to help yourself overcome feeling like a victimpg. 64

    • 3-step formula to think through any stressful situation and developresponse that breaks your stress cycle. ~pg. 82

    • Learn a fun technique to find sanity when drowning under unending 
      to-do lists. ~pg 116

    A little bit about the Author


    Dr. Rozina Lakhani's mission is to promote optimum health and happiness. She is a #1 bestselling author, transformational speaker and a psychiatrist (a medical doctor specializing in diagnosing and treatment of mental illnesses).  


    She works as a specialist in the treatment of severe depression and anxiety at Shifa Health, a clinical professor at the University of Washington and Medical Director at Residence XII Women Drug Treatment Program.   Dr. Rozina received her medical degree from the Aga Khan University in Pakistan and completed her Master of Public Health degree and her residency in Psychiatry from the University of Illinois in Chicago.   


    She is a fellow of American Stress Institute and a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  Today, Dr. Rozina lives with her husband and 2 children in the Pacific Northwest.   She is passionate about helping people reduce stress and dreams of a world where people pursue a happy life with love and purpose.   Learn more about her and read her blogs at


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